FAQ – Pre-Owned Vehicles

Pre-Owned Vehicles

Where can I buy used golf cars or other vehicles?
We offer used golf cars and other vehicles for sale. Please contact our Sales Department or visit our Showroom to see what is available.

Do used golf cars or other used vehicles come with a warranty?
No, used vehicles are sold on an as-is basis. However, the products under the re-manufactured product line come standard with a one year limited warranty. The products under the Remanufactured product line have an optional one year limited Club Car warranty.

How can I tell if my used golf car is a 36 volt, 48 volt or IQ system?
If the charger plus that inserts into your Club Car is rectangular you have a 36 volt vehicle. If your charger plug is round with 3 prongs it is a 48 volt vehicle. A vehicle with our IQ System will also have a round charger plug, but will have a rocker switch for the Forward and Reverse options.

I need a set of golf car batteries. What kind should I buy?
When looking for a golf car battery first determine if you have a 36 volt or 48 volt vehicle. A 36 volt vehicle has six 6 volt batteries and a 48 volt vehicle has six 8 volt batteries or four 12 volt batteries. These are specialized “Deep Cycle Lead Acid” batteries designed for electric vehicle use. DO NOT attempt to use 12 volt automotive batteries.

What is the value of my used vehicle?
This is a common question but one that is impossible to answer accurately sight unseen. As an automobile value depends on age, cosmetic condition and mechanical condition, as well as any options or accessories on the vehicle, the same is true for golf cars. We will be glad to provide you with the value of your used vehicle. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

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