Trojan Onepack 48V Lithium Battery Pack


Meet the Trojan Lithium OnePack™ battery. One battery. From the number one trusted brand in batteries. Packed with a multitude of smart benefits. This is the one battery that charges faster than other batteries. It’s the one that runs farther on a single charge. And the one that requires virtually zero maintenance. Also, the one with Bluetooth™ connectivity that lets you check its status straight from your phone. It’s the one battery that even packs in four levels of safety redundancy.


Trojan offers a complete upgrade bundle with all the accessories you need for quick and easy installation. The bundle includes a premium Lester Summit II charger with Trojan Lithium algorithm pre-installed to safely charge your battery for years to come.The Trojan Lithium OnePack bundle includes:

  • Trojan Lithium OnePack 48V 105Ah Battery
  • Premium Lester 650W Summit II Charger with 48-Month Warranty
  • DC Cord Ring with Safety Lockout
  • Dashboard State of Charge Gauge Kit and Power Button
  • Battery Mounting Bracket Kit with Hardware

That’s the power of Trojan ingenuity. That’s the power of expertise. That’s the Trojan Lithium OnePack battery. The power of one.

Get Ready for the Future of Power with the Trojan Lithium OnePack Battery!

Introducing the game-changing, maintenance-free 48-volt, 105Ah battery pack designed to supercharge your low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) like never before! Whether you’re zipping around in a golf cart, utility vehicle, or delivery vehicle, the Trojan Lithium OnePack Battery delivers extended run times, lightning-fast charging, and a whole lot more.

“Trojan Battery has been a leader in the LSEV battery industry since we developed the first golf cart battery over half a century ago. Our commitment to innovation and reliability remains unmatched,” says Laurie Oswald, Chief Commercial Officer of Trojan Battery. “The Trojan Lithium OnePack Battery is our latest testament to delivering exceptional power solutions for all your low-speed electric vehicle needs.”

Why Choose the Trojan Lithium OnePack?

Unmatched Performance: Cruise up to 60 miles on a single charge! Even when climbing hills, you’ll experience seamless acceleration with zero power drop-off.

Rapid Charging: Say goodbye to long waits. Fully recharge your battery in as little as 2.5 hours. Plus, top off your charge during short breaks without any worry.

Zero Maintenance: Forget about watering your batteries. The Trojan Lithium OnePack is completely maintenance-free, making your life easier.

Long-Lasting Value: Designed to last over 10 years, this battery pack comes with an industry-leading 8-year warranty. It’s an investment in power and peace of mind.

Advanced Safety: Featuring a self-protecting Battery Management System (BMS), multiple safety redundancies, and a stable lithium-iron-phosphate formula, you can trust the Trojan Lithium OnePack to be safe and reliable. Every battery is designed, tested, and finalized in the USA for an extra layer of security.

Smart and Simple: Monitor your battery’s status in real-time with the Trojan SmartBattery® App. With Bluetooth® connectivity, keeping tabs on your power has never been easier.

Ready to Power Up?

The Trojan Lithium OnePack Battery is now available in North America and will soon be rolled out globally. Join the power revolution and experience the future of LSEV battery technology today!

Don’t just take our word for it—experience the superior power, efficiency, and convenience of the Trojan Lithium OnePack for yourself. Your vehicle—and your peace of mind—will thank you!


Unrivaled Performance

  • Long range: up to 60 miles per charge.
  • No maintenance.
  • Long lifetime – 10+ years.
  • Fast & opportunity charging.​

Advanced Safety Features

  • Battery Management System (BMS) protects against short circuits and overheating​.
  • Stable lithium iron phosphate chemistry​.
  • 4 levels of safety redundancy at the cell level.​
  • Long term storage.​

8-Year Warranty

  • 4-year full, 4-year prorated​.
  • Beware of warranties that prorate early on.
  • Your investment is protected with Trojan Lithium​.

SmartBattery® App

  • Bluetooth® enabled​.
  • Real-time battery status in the palm of your hand.​
  • For iPhone & Android

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